We would like to thank our customers and employees; without you nothing is possible. For over 45 years Cousineaus has provided great customer service while maintaining affordable, reliable and quality products and services. This family owned business provides many products and service in several different industries.

&SpectraPly Onyx line of material, which is known as "The Best Color Laminated Wood Material In North America". This product along with our milled lumber is purchased by most major firearms companies (domestically and internationally) for Rifle Stocks, Rifle Blanks, Gunstock Blanks, Pistol Grips, Bow Grips, Laminated Gunstocks, Game Calls, Craft Supplies, Turning Squares and Dowels, Sporting Goods, Musical Instruments, Specialty Items, Toys and Puzzles, Knitting Needles, Kitchen Utensils and much more. Visit our new website at www.cousineauwoodproducts.com for current products and services.

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