About Cousineaus

The Cousineau family business was originally established as a small sawmill in 1959 by the late Ernest Cousineau and his wife Velma in the small town of Strong, Maine. The company incorporated in 1973 when their son Randy Cousineau took over the business. Since, Randy has expanded the company throughout Maine and into New Hampshire. Randy is now joined by his daughter, Brandi Cousineau Hau and son, Brody Cousineau who look to take this company successfully into the future.

The Cousineau Company is now specialized in several different areas and provides many services including: wood products, gunstocks, biomass fuel, construction services, modular homes, landscaping products, and even property management. The goal of the company is to provide great customer service while maintaining affordable, reliable and quality products and services.

Cousineaus prides itself in having excellent employees with minimal turnover. We work with our customers, employees, and community to make improvements to the Earth we all live on and always are “Handling the Earth with Care.” Cousineau continues to strive to expand and develop our company while maintaining our family integrity.
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