Cousineau's Available Equipment

Cousineaus offers a large variety of Construction Services. Our dedicated crew and expansive range of heavy equipment is set to tackle most any job. Some of our services include: commercial snow plowing, ground work, excavation work, disposal of wood waste, wood recycling and grinding.

Cousineaus has many permitted grinding sites available to bring your products for processing or we can bring our equipment to you. Our grinders are capable of processing storm and construction debris, stumps, logs, yard waste, poles, railroad ties, brush, clean wood waste, demolition, bark mulch, and playground wood chips. Cousineau also has the ability to market and dispose of the end product if you wish.

Cousineaus will supply the equipment, operator and full insurance coverage just tell us how we can help.

6800 CBI Track Machine Grinder

This grinder has a 1,050 HP motor and it was purchased in 2010. The grinder is used to grind demolition wood waste (C&D), logs, tree parts, and stumps. Cousineau's also has a stump shear available. A 2008 322-excavator is used in conjunction with the 6800 grinder and feeds the grinder using a grapple bucket.


Cross Magnet Conveyor

This feature on the 6800 Grinder is a cross magnet conveyor which is designed to remove all the metal from the finished ground product. There is also a magnetic head pulley on the conveyor. These features will remove 99% of the metal from the finished product.


Final Product

This picture represents the finished product produced by the 6800 grinder at an average rate of 90 ton per hour.



800 HP motor, can produce up to 60 tons per hour. This grinder is perfect for processing bark mulch, playground wood chips, brush, leaves, grass, pallets, and crates.

Bucket Loaders: Dump Trucks:

As well as Bulldozers, Excavators and Compactors. Call us and we will be happy to assist you with all of your Construction Service needs.

For more information contact Randy Cousineau or Brandi Cousineau Hau

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