Keiser Modular Homes

Cousineaus is an Independent Builder and dealer for Keiser Homes. Keiser HomesIndustries knows that quality, time and money are considered carefully in every decision. That's why Keiser HomesIndustries chose to manufacture custom modular homes. Inside an 80,000 square foot facility, Keiser uses a system developed to control every step of the building process. Modular Homes are not mobile homes. Modular Homes are permanent structures built in sections in a factory using most inflexible construction quality controls, and then transported by truck to the building sites where they are set onto your prepared foundation by our Builder.The homeowners are welcome to visit the factory during the construction phase to inspect the building of their home.

Keiser HomesIndustries aligns itself with suppliers of the best building materials, cabinetry, fixtures, and appliances, the most talented employee base, and reputable Builders available in New England. Keiser focuses on the building process from the beginning of your thoughts and needs for a house to the final walk through and handing you the key to your completed home.

Cousineaus with Keiser Homes are the logical Companies to work with to make your building process understandable, predictable, and expected.

We are the Company building homes to stand the test of time. We want the homeowner to understand the building process and get what you expected.

Please come see our Keiser Model Home located at 845 US Route 2 East, Wilton, Maine. The Model Home is open for your inspection each day we welcome your visit. Our hours are 8am 4pm. Call 207-645-4448 for more information.

For more information on Keiser Homes please go to their website by clicking on the link.
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