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Cousineau specializes in several different Landscape Products: Bark Mulch, Wood Chips and Soil Amendments. These products are available for all your landscaping needs. Please contact us for more information and samples. We hope to work with you in the future.

To Order or for more Information Call: Maine (877) COUSINE or New Hampshire (800) 258-4718

Bark Mulch

Raw Bark: This unprocessed bark mulch still remains in its raw form. It is composed mostly of Spruce, Fir and Pine. If ground it will become a beautiful medium brown softwood bark mulch.

Softwood Bark: This attractive, medium brown softwood blend bark mulch is composed mostly of Pine, Spruce and Fir. It is Cousineau’s most popular mulch and will absolutely improve every landscape.

Mixed Mulch: This inexpensive, all organic bark mulch is a mixture of softwood bark and virgin wood. It is very similar to our Softwood Bark, but for a reduced price. Available in a light, medium brown or in a dark brown color.

Colored Bark: An impressive hemlock substitute! This colored enhanced softwood blend bark will keep its natural red hemlock color longer and will also help to repel insects.

Wood Chips

Landscape Chips: These safe, virgin, 1” minus Landscape Wood Chips are suitable for all of your landscape needs. They have a natural, beautiful appearance and will surely improve every landscape.

Soil Amendments

Slope Stabilizer: A erosion control mix which is processed through a 2.5” minus screen and consists of partially composted bark, sand, gravel, stone, and wood fragments. This chunky, course mix provides exceptional erosion determent, adheres well to slopes, prevents soil from compacting, requires no upkeep, and has a positive effect on soil stability. Slope Stabilizer works well when used as a filter berm, for erosion control purposes, on walking/cart paths and on construction sites. Is a DOT approved product.

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