Composite & Veneer Lumber

The Veneer Lumber department of Cousineau Wood Products is offering laminated veneer stock in a wide selection of species, colors and sizes for the conversion into an endless range of dynamic looking and value added wood products.

Colors: Cousineau Veneer Lumber is available in natural, mixed natural and colored, single color and mixed color layups. Each veneer layer is thoroughly colored with a wide range of colors available. Custom colors can be developed and the endless possibilities for mixed color layups provide clients with a broad spectrum of design opportunities for converting existing products into next generation designer merchandise.

Adding Value & Market Advantages: Most every product that can be made from solid wood can be produced from Veneer Lumber can add visual impact, a designer touch and bottom line value to conventional wood products. Color can be added to compliment decors, themes, team colors, brands logos and other opportunities to capitalize on new markets and separate customers merchandising programs from their competitors.

More Yield & Less Waste: Veneer Lumber can be sized to provide clients with optimum dimension stock to maximize yield. More yield translates into higher margins by lowering raw material transport charges to the plant, reducing processing, labor and handling costs and lowering waste disposal fees. Less waste means smaller "Environmental Footprint" and the opportunity to capitalize on rapidly expanding Green buying trends.

Product Specifications:
Standard Species: Birch, Maple & Poplar - other species available upon request.
Std. Veneer Thickness: 1/16" - other thickness available upon request.
Std. Length & Width: 35" x 10" - upt to 40" x 40" available. Length is in direction of grain & width is against the grain.
Thickness: 1/2" to 4" - Thicker material available upon request.
Product Forms: Product is available in rough or sanded blocks, cut to size stock, turning squares and dowels.

Offering a Wide Range of Veneer Lumber Stock and Personalized Services to Meet Every Size Clients Needs
• Design & Prototyping
• New Product Concepts
• Wood utilization Surveys
• Low to High Production Runs
• Wide Selection of Species
• Certified Wood for Green Market Opportunities
• Custom Colored Laminated Veneer Blanks
• Custom Blank Machining
• " Just In Time" Delivery Programs



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