Cousineau Wood Products North Anson, Maine

Sawmill, Log Yard, Value-Added Manufacturing, Storage/Warehouse Space

Cousineau Wood Products is located on a 65-acre lot at 3 Valley Road in North Anson, Maine. The facility consists of a state of the art sawmill, log yard, value-added manufacturing space, and plenty of available storage/warehouse space.

The Cousineaus have been in the sawmill business for over 45 years. Their current sawmill has the capacity to saw approximately 40,000 board feet per shift of either hardwood or softwood lumber. At this time we saw mostly hardwood lumber which is known for the best color and texture available in the market. Our wood is well manufactured; trimmed and double end graded making it perfect for the furniture and flooring industry.

We have a large log yard to stock pile logs for the mill. We also frequently purchase veneer logs which we separate and sell.

Our value-added manufacturing facility is housed in one of our many buildings on our facility. It consists of approximately 145,000 square feet of heated manufacturing space including a sprinkler system and blower pipes running thought out. It has functioning manufacturing equipment in place as well as an inside rail access point and 10 loading docks. We have the capacity to remanufacture our hardwood lumber into many value added products.

Our North Anson facility also offers plenty of storage and warehouse space for any of your needs. It is perfect space with all the extras available to complete the package including loaders, rail access, laborers, loading docks, easy access, etc. Click on our Properties For Sale or Lease link for additional information on this space.
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