Cousineau Forest Products Henniker, New Hampshire

Storage/Concentration Yard and Brokerage Service Facility

Cousineau Forest Products is a wood brokerage firm located in Henniker, New Hampshire. At this facility the Cousineaus operate a concentration and processing yard for various forest products including chips, bark mulch, whole tree wood chips, biomass fuel, playground surfacing, pallets and clean wood waste.

Cousineaus is one of the leaders in the northeast wood brokerage industry of pulp chips and biomass fuels. Our job is to arrange for raw materials to be picked up at their point of origin and to transport them to the best available markets. We provide a top quality service to the producers of these raw materials by handling the trucking and providing the best available markets for the highest dollar. We also provide an end user service for these raw materials as well, by providing them with a reliable supply of the products they need to run their businesses.

Our products are used by companies that make paper, electricity, MDF & masonite board, wood pellet fuel and as furnish for wastewater treatment. We are currently working with a group of approximately 100 suppliers and deliver over 400 loads per week of product to these various industries.

Some of our services include:
-Purchasing, transporting and marketing wood products from several different sources including sawmills, recycling companies, municipalities, logging and land clearing operations.
-Grinding Services
-Management and Procurement for these wood products in the paper, electricity, wood pellet, fuel, MDF board and other product industries.
-Consulting in the wood products industry which includes research and preparation of reports and studies used to determine market conditions and supply and demand.

In an effort to reduce dependence on foreign and fossil fuels America is exploring alternatives including renewable resources from the forest industry. Cousineau Forest Products is on the cutting edge of these efforts.
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