Cousineaus has a long successful history in the wood products industry.

This is the root of our business. We offer many products and services in the wood industry. We operate several different wood processing facilities including: a Sawmill, Log Yard and Value Add Center in North Anson, Maine and a storage/concentration yard in Henniker, New Hampshire. We provide several services to our customers including buying and selling raw and finished wood products and a brokerage service business. Wood is truly the heart of Cousineaus so if it has to do with wood we can help you. Please click on the links below for additional information on these facilities or look below for a listing of our products.

Cousineau Wood Products North Anson, Maine Sawmill, Log Yard and Value Add Center

Cousineau Forest Products Henniker, New Hampshire Storage/Concentration Yard

Products (To be purchased or sold)


We buy and sell both Hardwood and Softwood logs and pulpwood. We always separate our veneer logs


We produce Hardwood lumber and can provide both Dry and Green product for our customers. Our specialty species include: Red Oak, Hard and Soft Maple, White Ash and Birch.


We control both Hardwood and Softwood Chips. We have pulp quality chips as well as landscaping, playground and whole tree wood chips. Please click on our Landscaping Products link to get additional information.


We deal with both Hardwood and Softwood Sawdust.

Biomass Fuel:

Wood to heat with. With rising fuel prices this is our fastest growing product. We not only sell the product but we also help set up fuel system to heat your business with this recyclable fuel. We also work with pellets as well.

Bark Mulch:

We offer several varieties of this product as well as Wholesale and Retail prices. Please click on our Landscaping Products link to get additional information.
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